Brand Safety

AdRoll is dedicated to ensuring a brand-safe environment is provided for our advertisers. In order to implement brand safety we have a variety of methods which assist in ensuring that we buy safe, high-quality media.

Inventory quality control

AdRoll provides targeted advertising services for our advertiser clients and uses both exchanges and SSPs in order to ensure we deliver ads in a safe manner. AdRoll buys inventory across a wide range of websites, through a number of ad exchanges and supply side platforms (all of which vet their inventory partners).

AdRoll makes an active effort to participate in many self-regulatory groups around the world, including:

  • Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB-UK, IAB-Europe, & IAB-Australia)
  • Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and adheres to the NAI Code of Conduct
  • Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC)
  • Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program
  • European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA)
  • Japan Interactive Advertising Association (JIAA)

AdRoll works only with partners who thoroughly test and monitor their sellers against common brand safety criteria to minimise ad placements on websites including but not limited to promoting the following content:

  • Nudity, Pornography, Adult Content
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Graphic Violence
  • Criminal Activity
  • Weapons
  • Malware
  • Hate Speech

Ad verification

AdRoll uses a third-party service, Pixalate, for ad verification purposes. Pixalate measures and reports on invalid traffic, brand safety and viewability. This information is used to inform our bidding and curate global domain blacklists. End goal being to provide our customers with safe, transparent and high performance inventory.

Domain lists

AdRoll employs the use of a blacklist in order to block flagged URLs from serving ads across all inventory. Additionally, if an advertiser wishes to block their ads from serving on a specific URL, the dedicated account manager will follow up on this request and has the ability to block individual URLs/bulk lists of URLs if requested.

Take down policy

AdRoll is committed to provide quality inventory. If a client raises written concern about a website to their account manager we will review all reporting for that domain and remove the client's ad within 48 business hours. The consequences of any ad misplacement will be agreed on a case by case basis with the buyer.