Leave outdated measurement and optimization models behind.

Digital marketing is moving at a blistering pace. AdRoll X helps you stay one step ahead with a solution that measures and optimizes specifically for incremental revenue.

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What are the benefits?

AdRoll X

Metrics your CFO cares about.

We’re the first to build an approach entirely around outcomes like growth, profit, retention, and lifetime value.

AdRoll X

wasted spend.

By optimizing for incremental lift, we ensure your ad dollars are always directed toward customers who convert as a result of seeing your ad.

AdRoll X

Get out of 
the black box.

Unlike other vendors 
who keep you in the dark until a campaign ends, 
we give you full control and visibility into your campaigns, from 
the start.

AdRoll X

Verify the results.

Our framework allows verifiable and unbiased validation, so you can have full confidence in your results.

How does it work?

We’ll partner with you to review your goals and set up a baseline lift test. From there, we’ll test different variables side by side to see what’s actually driving conversion lift so you can double down on those ads.

What do I get?

Be the first to implement this new product along with the tools you need to succeed.

  • Participation in and access to industry research conducted through AdRoll X and its third-party partnerships

  • Direct access to AdRoll X’s engineering and product team to collaborate and test your own hypothesis and get answers to key questions you have about what is driving lift

  • Access to custom data analysis, such as lift trends by number of pages or products viewed, time to convert, and time on site

Is AdRoll X right for me?

Incrementality is the next evolution in optimization and measurement. Our most successful partners meet the following criteria:

  • They are last-click skeptics who have the organizational buy-in 
to move towards a more sophisticated approach

  • They sell directly to consumers, with over 500,000 monthly visitors to their shopping websites

  • They have a monthly transaction volume of over 5,000


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