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How AdRoll X is different?

Clean and reliable measurement, without the cost.

We’ve evolved away from PSA testing to avoid problems like treatment bias, noisy data, and—the most annoying problem of all—wasted spend. We test with ghost bids because it’s the most accurate framework, doesn’t require ad spend on the control cohort, and ensures the cleanest results. It goes deeper than a simple audience split by assigning bid values to all the users we can (and want to) reach, so when we compare treatment and control groups, the results tell us the real impact of your ads.

AdRoll X
AdRoll X

Accuracy you can see.

We get granular. With multivariate measurement, you can compare strategies side by side to see what drives or hurts your conversion lift. More granular details are available in our dashboard.

Verified and vetted.

We do everything we can to verify our results, but we understand if you want to double-check our work. We offer numerous ways for you to validate results, including A/A testing, balance analysis, and ID matching.

AdRoll X
AdRoll X
AdRoll X