Optimize for what matters.

Our technology framework deciphers the positive, negative, or neutral impact of ads. That way your media investments deliver the highest rate of incremental return, and you can reinforce what drives success.

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What is incrementality?

Simply put, it’s a measurement and optimization strategy. It allows you to understand the positive, negative, or neutral impact an ad has on your business by answering the question: What would happen if I never showed this ad?

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How do I measure it?

Conversion lift

This is the difference in the volume of conversions between treatment and control groups. It’s also the most common 
metric for measuring ad effectiveness.


Understand the number of incremental conversions and revenue driven by your campaigns, and maximize spend wherever you get the highest return.

Cost efficiency

Determine whether or not conversions were profitable, based
 on incremental cost per acquisition (iCPA) and incremental return on advertising spend (iROAS).

How do I optimize for it?

Focus on the campaigns that drive the most impressive lift metrics to make budget and targeting decisions. Use multivariate-level reporting to identify the highest lift percentage for each campaign.

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What are the key metrics for incrementality?

Lift percentage matters most because positive lift means you’re driving growth for your business. Take it a step further with iROAS and iCPA to understand how cost effective your marketing efforts are.

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  • LIFT
  • iCPA
  • iROAS